India Summer Program 2012

Studies in Indian Language, Culture, and Society

July 15th 2012 to August 11th 2012

New Delhi, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Alwar

The Perfect Way To Spend Your Summer

This 4-week program (with a potential 2-week to 6-month extension) centered around New Delhi, India, immerses the participants in the diverse cultures of the amazing Indian Subcontinent. Next to a program of seminars and language trainings from Monday to Fridays, there are skills trainings and field trips as well as overnight excursions on the weekends and a possible extension of two weeks to six months to pursue your own individual project.

The program offers you the chance to take subjects that are outside your normal degree, broaden your educational experience, and accelerate your academic and professional career. A cornerstone philosophy of the program is that only by living in India and experiencing it personally, one is truly able to grasp the meaning of cultural diversity in India.

This highly interdisciplinary program will allow international participants to experience first-hand the myriad cultures that constitute the diverse country that is India. It provides participants with manifold opportunities to view India through various lenses and explore its diverse landscapes, varied foods, unparalleled architectural monuments, World Heritage Sites, and colorful festivals.

You will meet and interact with people from all walks of life, from the international businessman to the dedicated grassroots volunteer, from the atheistic scientist to the Muslim mullah, from cosmopolitan socialites to street children. You will be able to learn from all of their experiences and within no time you will find yourself successfully navigating the local cultural environment!

Explore India's Cultural Diversity

  • Learn about India's diverse traditions through field visits, interactive seminars, and personal experience
  • This program offers you full linguistic and cultural immersion
  • Meet inspiring personalities and innovative organisations in India

Learn Hindi / Urdu / Hindustani

  • Talk to the locals
  • Learn to communicate in one of the four most-used languages in the world
  • Prepare for an increasingly globalised world

Have The Time Of Your Life Doing It

  • Trek in dense jungles, observe wildlife in national parks, and meet remote tribal communities
  • Join in a celebration of local arts and traditions and enjoy an attractive program of amazing excursions, field trips, cultural events, social gatherings, and local festivals
  • The program provides the perfect setting for you to meet like-minded people from all over the world

Excursions And Field Trips

Travel through the breadth of Indian cultures and experience diversity, such as in:

New Delhi:

  • Explore the contrasts of Delhi’s varied and contrasting environments
  • Meet street children at the Salaam Balak Trust and discover their life world around New Delhi's bustling train station
  • Experience the diversity of religions in Old Delhi
  • See living history in Mehrauli, Delhi’s oldest neighbourhood


  • Explore India's eternal city from an insider’s point of view
  • Visit the Kabir Math and learn about communal harmony from the octogenerian Kabir Panthis
  • Take an extensive boats tour on the holy river Ganges and be witness to one of the great spectacles in the world


  • Live in an ashram and learn about life in Hindu monastic institutions by actually living it
  • Meet Yogis living in a natural cave deep in the jungles
  • Take a swim in the cool waters of the holy river Ganges in the pristine Himalayas


  • Experience royal Rajasthan with its splendid cultural traditions
  • Learn skills from the tribals living in and near the spectacular Sariska National Park
  • Chance upon India's very diverse wildlife
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